Who we are?

KuityCorp was formerly Energy Reserves Canada (Oil & Gas) Ltd., was founded in Calgary, Canada, in 1981.

KuityCorp is an energy company engaged in the exploration, production, refining and sale of oil, gas, electricity and chemicals.

KuityCorp concretely support a just energy transition, with the objective of preserving our planet and promoting an efficient and sustainable access to energy for all. Our work is based on passion and innovation, on our unique strengths and skills, on the equal dignity of each person, recognizing diversity as a key value for human development, on the responsibility, integrity and transparency of our actions.

We believe in the value of long term partnerships with the countries and communities where we operate, bringing long-lasting prosperity for all.


Our mission

Make the energy of natural resources serve the interests of mankind, to efficiently and responsibly develop the unique hydrocarbon fields entrusted to us by providing company growth, the wellbeing of its employees and community at large.

Our values

Sustainability, technical innovation and diversity.

Corporate governance

Corporate governance at KuityCorp is the company’s administration and management system – and the tool for creating long-lasting value for our shareholders and stakeholders.

Sharing our world

Together is better. Only by working in partnership can we overcome the great climate challenge of our times.


We develop open and trusting relationships with suppliers, NGOs, consumers and local communities.

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Our awards

Newsweek Green Rankings

In 2017, KuityCorp was listed in Newsweek’s Green Rankings, one of the world’s foremost corporate environmental rankings. Newsweek magazine ranks the top global 500 companies by market capitalization on corporate sustainability and environmental impact.

Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers

KuityCorp was recognized at CAPP's 2015 Responsible Canadian Energy Awards with the President's Award. The award recognized two separate initiatives: Using recycled tailings water as in situ makeup water and Social Prosperity Wood Buffalo.

Top 100 Employers of Canada

KuityCorp own more than 3000 employees, From 2007 to 2009 and 2013 to 2015, KuityCorp was selected as one of Canada's Top 100 Employers. The annual competition recognizes employers that are industry leaders in attracting and retaining employees.

Top 50 Socially Responsible Corp.

From 2010 to 2015, KuityCorp was named to the Maclean's/Jantzi-Sustainalytics list of the Top 50 Socially Responsible Corporations in Canada. This listing recognizes leading environmental, social and governance practices.



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